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My fave second-hand pieces.

So the globe is warming. (Most) people know this, and there are many ways that you, as an individual, can do your bit to help the environment. Buying second-hand is a really easy (and fun!) way to help. There are lots of places to buy second-hand pieces, including charity shops, vintage stores and markets. And if you're used to shopping online from places like ASOS, there are plenty of online second-hand shops like Depop, eBay and online vintage stores. Here, I will share some of my favourite second-hand pieces that I have bought over the past few years.

One of my favourite and most used second-hand item are these beautiful, cherry chelsea boots. I bought these from a charity shop last year and I love them. I have always wanted some Dr Marten chelsea boots, but I didn't want to spend too much money on them, and luckily I found these boots for about £7 before I caved and bought some for £100. There is no original branding on the boots, so I've no idea how much they would have been, but they feel great! I actually found these boots in the men's section (I have size UK 7 feet) along with another pair of shoes which I don't wear because they are not particularly comfy, they do look cool though! The chelsea boots, however, are sooo comfy, I just slip them on and go!

The reason why I love Depop so much is that each user creates their own unique, little shop. I bought some linen trousers from the lovely Depop user @rosellapicciuto, and I am so glad I did! @rosellapicciuto says 'I'm very conscious about the longevity and materiality of clothing, and the purpose a garment serves. I'm recycling, re-purposing and everything I sell is handpicked with love and cared for in a carefully considered manner, factoring in its next owner. I don't step foot in shops, I prefer trading and I meet some lovely people along the way too!' I would definitely recommend visiting her Depop shop! Originally by the brand 'Kasbah', I paid £15 for them and I adore them.

Good fitting jeans are one of the hardest things to find. Before I began shopping second-hand, it was impossible to find any jeans close to fitting. For some reason, fast-fashion shops think that everyone has the same body shape, which is obviously not the case. I found the most best-fitting, most comfortable jeans from 'The Vintage Thrift Store' in Bristol. Older clothes tend to not fit into the standard sizing used nowadays (I mean what are sizes anyway?), so I found a pair of jeans according to my waist size, and they fit everywhere else too! They fit my waist, my bum, my thighs, they are perfect! Originally by the brand 'St John's Bay', I paid £22 for these jeans, which I think is pretty good if you compare it to the price people pay for new jeans that probably don't even fit that great, (about £40-£60!)

It's not only clothing that you can buy second-hand. I found this lovely wall plant pot in my local charity shop. It fits the style of my bedroom perfectly and seems to be hand-painted. It was only about £4, which is crazy when you think about the effort that was probably put into making it, as well as the price you would pay for a brand new plant pot.

Now, this last piece is probably one of the most unusual, but cool, second-hand pieces that I have bought. It's a cow jumper. I am yet to wear it as I bought it at the end of winter, but right now it is the only thing that's making me want summer to end. I never used to be a fan of animal print, but for some reason, cow print just does it for me, (my phone case is also cow print!). I got this awesome jumper from the user @chloewing from Depop for £20 and I have no regrets.

So there you go. I could show you many, many more pieces, but I think I will stop here (for now).

Thanks so much for reading!

remember to recycle

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